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To establish H2Ocean as the premiere oral and skin care company in the world, while maintaining our uncompromising high level of integrity and safety standards in oral and skin care product development. We will continue to combine traditional methods in aftercare with the newest technology to position H2Ocean at the forefront of the industry. As an environmental friendly company, H2Ocean will be known worldwide for developing the safest natural oral and skin care products.

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Artist Chris Youngblood in Action

Image descriptionWho did you apprentice under? I was fortunate enough to apprentice under several artists in Southern California.  Learning different techniques and theories from each artist, helped me develop methods that worked for me.  I feel like I learned a lot from what didn't work for me as well as what did.  Education in tattooing definitely didn't stop after my apprenticeship. I've learned a lot from other artists that I've met and worked with.

What makes a good tattoo artist? There are many things that make a good artist in my opinion.  I think one of the biggest traits is the ability to continue to learn and progress.  Being able to adapt to situations. Nobody's skin is the same and during any tattoo, there can be minor roadblocks and having the ability and patience to overcome them, can make or break a tattoo.

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